Taitung Slow Food Guide

Slow food is an international grassroots movement which began in Italy. Its core values are “good”,“clean” and “fair”, and emphasizes social values through food by chefs, foodies and consumers alike.


Slow Food Concept

In addition to deliciousness, the “good” aspect of the slow food movement represents the connection between land and culture when it comes to cuisine. The “clean” aspect focuses on environmental friendliness during every step that takes place from the farm to the table. Lastly, the “fair” aspect describes the equal treatment and interaction between farmers, manufacturers and consumers.


Slow Food Evaluation

Starting from 2016, Taitung County Government has been promoting the Taitung Slow Food Evaluation, which is held every two years. The evaluation criteria are set according to the three core values laid out bythe slow food movement. The evaluators consist of those who agree with the ideas of slow food, and include chefs, foodies and locals. They go in person to restaurants all over the county, and according to the aforementioned three principles, perform a comprehensive evaluation. If the restaurant meets the basichealth and safety conditions and standards, they will be included in the Taitung Slow Food Guide.


Slow Food

In every store’s layout, not only is there a short introduction of the slow food store, there are also comments and recommendations left by the appraisal teams, which can be used as a reference when ordering your meal.