Taiwan is a county where cars drive on the right-hand side of the road. Driving in Taitung is easy and convenient.


If you like to drive, driving is one of the most convenient ways to explore the city.

There are many car rental locations in the city.

Take the long, straight Provincial Highway no.11 to enjoy the gorgeous mountain views and country fields. Or, follow the curvy Provincial highway no.9 to embrace the endless coastline and deep blue sea. Come rent a car and hit the road! Adventure is waiting for you.

  • Taipei ←→ Taitung (Provincial Hwy No.9) 344km
  • Taipei ←→ Taitung (Provincial Hwy No.11) 343km
  • Pingtung Fonggang ←→ Taitung (South-Link Hwy) 99km
  • Tainan ←→ Taitung (Southern Cross-Island Hwy) 250km
  • Inquiry Hotline for Highway Condition: 02-23113456#1968
  • Police Broadcasting Service: 02-23888099
  • Free Hotline Provided by the Police Broadcasting Service: 0800-000123

Driving in Taitung


  • Be aware of falling rocks and frequent fog on Su Hua Highway and South-Link Highway. Please drive carefully and reduce speed.
  • It is easy and handy to drive in Taitung since the roads in the city are wide and with less traffic. Please be aware of speed camera locations and speed limit signs. drive carefully to avoid accidents. Please also be aware of falling rocks and frequent fog, and watch out for wildlife. Please drive carefully and pay attention to your speed.